Majestic Instagram Dining Room Trends Reign Supreme

2022-07-22 22:14:12 By : Ms. Maria Xu

(Photo by @chairishco via Instagram )

Summer’s in full swing! And for the next month, it’s officially Leo season. And if you know anything about astrology, you know this sign is royal. That’s right—Leos like to hold court and don’t mind boldly taking the spotlight. (In fact, they rather like it!)

With that in mind, this week’s Instagram-inspired dining room design trends all have a regal flare fit for a (lion) king or queen. And when it comes to adding a bit of glamour to your home, the dining room is a perfect entryway to elegance.

“Formal dining isn’t something that has to happen outside of the house,” says interior designer Jamie Rae Walker, co-founder of J-shui Decor. “With some artfully placed, opulent decor touches, it’s easy to add luxury to your at-home dining experiences—even if you’re in your pajamas.”

Ready to dine like royalty? Here are five designs that will instantly bring glamour to your dining room.

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In the “go big or go home” category, using dark colors and rich fabrics instantly gives any dining room a delicious touch of royal drama—like this classically rich-looking design by @doaaalhusseinydesigns. It’s a hint of “Game of Thrones” Gothic mixed with modern-day majesty. And the effect is large and in charge.

“The way light plays off deep-hued walls creates a dramatic canvas and a timeless look,” says Walker. “Crushed velvet upholstery is also surprisingly forgiving to wear and tear while adding a luxurious sheen and textural element to the room.”

Get the look: Find your own crushed velvet dining throne for your dinner banquets.

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You might not want to swing on a chandelier, but you should definitely consider hanging one. A crystal chandelier will act like a crown for any dining room decor, like the jewel in this very “Bridgerton”-esque post by @chairishco.

“A pendant light is typically the first thing noticed in a dining space, as it’s generally positioned just at or above eye level,” says Walker. “Choosing a chandelier immediately defines the room’s style and casts the most flattering sparkle. Who doesn’t want that while they are eating and chatting?”

Get the look: If you want your room dripping in “diamonds,” consider a classic Swarovski crystal chandelier.

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Purple is historically known as the color of royalty. However, it rarely finds its way into home decor, and that’s a shame. Especially since the hue gives any space a sense of richness, like this luscious dining room by @nikkiklughdesign.

“Purple is a fairly overlooked accent color that makes a very memorable statement,” says New York City interior designer James Samson. “This opulent shade is known to bring serenity, as it balances and complements a plethora of wood tones and metals beautifully.”

Get the look: Whether you go lavender or amethyst, adding purple home accessories to your dining decor is a bright and bold move. Shop The Purple Store for inspiration.

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Nothing says royalty like a little Marie Antoinette aesthetic. It’s little wonder there’s currently a resurgence of Victorian and art nouveau decor in the dining arena. Happily, this post by @hollyholdendesign gives all the “let them eat cake” flavor one room can handle.

“This style is the perfect opportunity to splurge on rich fabrics and glamorous centerpieces,” says Walker. “A great way to mix patterns on drapery and upholstery is to keep the color scheme cohesive. But be brave and go bold.”

If you want to invite in good fortune and not a revolution, Samson suggests making sure that a large mirror reflects the dining table for a grounding effect.

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If you want to make your table stand out, go for the gold, like this shiny post by @sandraleestylez. It’s Gilded Age glamour, and the nouveau riche were a type of royalty, right?

“The trend of gold flatware isn’t going anywhere, and it’s a refreshing change on something we use daily,” says Walker. “Gold in the dining room is practically essential. Flatware, candlesticks, sconces, you name it.”

Get the look: If you want a set that transitions between silver and gold (like your mood and your jewelry), check out this ornate Oneida Michelangelo gold cutlery that gives you the best of both worlds.

Kimberly Dawn Neumann, who is based in New York City, is an author, performer, and fitness professional.